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EN: Edinburgh Nikado Video
This video contains the Edinburgh Nikado recorded at the Edinburgh 2000 Dorothy Dunnett Gathering. The show appears twice on the video - the first part of the tape is taken from the left hand side of the auditorium, and the second part is from the right hand side of the auditorium. You may wish to print the script from here

PN: Philadelphia Nikado
This video contains the Philadelphia Nikado recorded at the Philadelphia 2000 Dorothy Dunnett Gathering. The show appears once on the video. The show is slightly different from that at Edinburgh (most notably a new song, for Adorne, was added and the ending was changed a little). You may wish to print the script from here

PS: Philadelphia Speeches

This includes both of Lady Dunnett's speeches to the gathering. Cleo Kearns's opening speech is also included, together with snippets of the rest of the conference, and the Nikado end speeches from Edinburgh (which are not on the EN tape).

NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN NTSC (North American) Format. I'm looking into having DVDs made up as an alternative.

DA: Make a Donation to the Dunnett Archive

This will send to me a payment of US$10 for the Dunnett Archive. I will then pass the money on to the trustees. If you wish to pay more, then you can up the number of items. 2 items will result in a US$20 donation, 3 items in a US$30 donation, etc. If you add any comments in the 'Notes' field, I will pass these on to the trustees.

Frequently Asked Questions
Question Answer
Is there a video of the Edinburgh Speeches?
There is no known video recording of any of the Edinburgh Gathering except for the Nikado and a small snippet of the Stirling Castle banquet. If anyone does have any more video of the Edinburgh Gathering, please let me know by sending an email here
How will you know where to send the videos?
You'll be asked to put your address on the checkout screen. Click 'View Cart' to get there.
Videos are in different formats. How will you know which ones to use? For the US and Canada, I'll send video in NTSC format. For the EU, Australia and Canada, I'll send video in PAL format. For other countries, you should let me know which format you require in the 'Notes' field on the checkout ('same as the US', or 'same as the UK' will do)
When will I get the videos? You should get them within 6 weeks of urder

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Version 2.1 Updated 03 Feb 2005 - Announce lack of availability fo NTSC Philadephia Speeches..
Version 2.0 Updated 12 May 2002.
Version 1.0 Updated 25November 2001.
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