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Monday 23rd April 2007 to Friday 27th April 2007
Tuesday 24th - Saddell Day



The Saddell people will wake up and make breakfast, before having the morning free to wander around the Estate.
All houses are open this morning, so do take the opportunity to visit your neighbours in Saddell Castle (hosts Julia and Stephen Hart),
Saddell House (host Simon Hedges), the Lodge, Shore Cottage, and Ferryman's Cottage.
Take the chance to wander along the shore to the little bothy of Port-Na-Gael at the other end of the bay.

Wander out a little further afield, by walking up the driveway under the canopy of trees, and
along the little stream, to the gates of the estate, and over the road to the graveyard and ruins of Saddell Abbey.

People staying at Carradale will need to make their own way to Saddell if they wish to enjoy the estate,
visit the dwellings, and have lunch. The cost of the events arranged this day is included in the delegate fee,
with the exception of the Distillery Tour and Whisky Tasting.

Saddell BaySaddell Abbey StonesSaddell AbbeyPort Na Gael
At 1100, we will gather at Saddell House to hear a talk on the history of Saddell Abbey,
and the Kintye area in general.
Lunch Lunch will be smoked salmon, cream cheese, rolls and soup, fresh fruit and salad, served from the Kitchens at Saddell House.
Simon will be looking for volunteers to help serve.
In the afternoon, people will be left to their own devices - you may open your dwelling to guests if you wish, but this is by invitation only.
At 1500 (3pm) the Coach will depart Saddell, taking all those who wish to go, to Campbeltown.
This will include for those interested, a trip around a distillery (£4) and an optional Whisky Tasting
(an additional £5). There are several hotels, restaurants and carry-outs in Campbeltown with
Scottish, Chinese, Italian and Indiian food available. Campbeltown also has a visitor centre,
heritage centre, harbour, cinema and swimming pool. oh, and a second hand bookshop named
'The Old Bookshelf'
Inside The Old Bookshelf
Entrance to Campbeltown Loch, with Lighthouse in the distance Road into CampbeltowCampbeltownCampbeltown Loch in the evening The Old Bookshelf
Home At around 2230 (10:30pm) the bus will pick us up from Campbeltown to return us to Saddell and Carradale.
Saddell Water

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