Saddell 2007 - The Landmarks
Monday 23rd April 2007 to Friday 28th April 2007

Tell me about the Saddell Landmarks

The Landmark Trust owns and has restored the Castle and a number of other houses and cottages clustered around it which are let as self-catering holiday accommodation. We plan to occupy these. The estate consists of the following buildings: Saddell Castle (Sleeps 8), Saddell House(Sleeps 13), Saddell Lodge(Sleeps 4), Cul Na Shee (Sleeps 4), Ferryman's Cottage (Sleeps 5), Shore Cottage (Sleeps 6). All these locations are within about a kilometre (about 1000 yards / 3000 feet) of each other. The total sleeping capacity is 40. Tangy Mill is about 15 miles away by road, and sleeps a further 6.

Shore Cottage, Ferry Cottage and Cul na Shee are spread out along the shoreline, successively further from the castle along a good dirt road.Wonderful views, but need to be reasonable walkers if you are not bringing your own transport, in Ferry Cottage and Cul na Shee at least. However the distances will certainly not be greater than most of us walked around Malta, to and from the Phoenicia.

Landmarks are all historic buildings, and although they have been updated to be warm and comfortable, and to have nice kitchens and comfy beds, they do lack some modern amenities: shared bathrooms and toilets are the rule (no en-suites) and there are no TVs. Smoking is not allowed. But real fires are often to be found - and bags of atmosphere.


(photo: Saddell Beach)

Saddell Castle - Sleeps 8

sleeps 8
2 x bathroom/basin/showers on ground and third (US=4th) floors.
People on the second floor (US=3rd floor) will have to climb stairs.

Saddell House - Sleeps 13
Saddell House

Inside Saddell Lodge

Saddell House stands right on the edge of the beach to take advantage of views across both the Kilbrannan Sound and the fertile plain inland. It is a typical Scottish laird’s house of its period, with generously proportioned rooms and large light windows. The house also proved a good base for hunting and fishing and it was while an eventual tenant, a Reverend Bramwell, was out shooting in September 1899 that disaster struck. A chimney fire spread to the attic, destroying the roof and gutting the house. Only the walls and a fine set of service rooms in the basement survived. Fortunately for us, Saddell House was judged worthy of repair and was rebuilt almost at once. It became what it remains today: an eminently sensible Edwardian house for a generation or three to spend a holiday together, close enough to an outdoors life but also a comfortable haven when needed. Those who stay here have the freedom of the steep old beechwood that surrounds the Bay with its long white strand and rocky point.

Ground Floor
1 Bath/Basin
1 Loo
1 Basin
2 bedrooms

First Floor
2 Loo/Bath/Basin
5 bedrooms

Second Floor
1 Bath/Shower

Open fire
Open grounds
Adjacent parking
Dogs allowed

Saddell Lodge - Sleeps 4

Entry to Saddell Lodge

Guarding the entrance and wooded drive to the Saddell Estate is Saddell Lodge, a handsome granite gate lodge. It was possibly built between 1890 and 1910. The lodge adds its own architectural to the Landmarks at Saddell, lying snugly at the edge of the estate, just across the road from the historic ruins of Saddell Abbey.

Ground Floor (one storey only)
1 Loo/Bath/Basin
2 bedrooms

Open fire
Open grounds
Adjacent parking
Dogs allowed

Ferrymans Cottage

sleeps 5
loo/basin on ground floor, bath/basin and separate loo on first floor.

Cul na Shee
Cul na shee

sleeps 4
single storey, one bath/basin/loo.

Shore Cottage - Sleeps 6

Shore Cottage

Shore cottage looks towards Saddell Castle across the bay. It stands on a rocky point, among trees that grow right down to the sea, and is a plain but stylish Victorian building, imaginative in design as well as situation. From the sitting room, a door leads straight onto the rocky foreshore where the rockpools at low tide are second to none.

Ground Floor:
1 Bathroom/Basin/Loo
1 Loo
1 Double Bedded room bedroom

First Floor:
2 bedrooms

Solid fuel stove
Open grounds
Adjacent parking
Dogs allowed

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