Various 'locals' have been kind enough to record pronunciations of Dunnett placenames and character names. Click on the links to the relevant places:

Location Artistes
Flanders Helen de Mink, Henk Beentje
France Helen de Mink
Malta Michelle Cassar
Scotland Ann McMillan

Much thanks to the voice artistes!

If you have a Dunnett 'local' accent, then I'd be happy to add pronunciations to the above.
So if you're a native of Portugal, Russia, Poland, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Norway, Denmark, Timbuktu or Turkey please think about contributing. And there are plenty more Flemish words to do...

There are no longer any WAV files on these pages. Instead MP3 files have been used (these are about a fifth of the size). If your PC does not have an MP3 player, you can download a free MP3 player from here (10mb in size). But most modern PCs and MACs can play MP3 files by default, so click on the links first to check. You may need to turn the volume up quite high in order to hear some of the sounds.

To contact me with comments or offers of voice files, please send an email here

Created 8 November 2003
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