Washington, DC

Washington DC was the first stop on the visit. The idea was that we would travel from there by train to Princeton Junction. However, we arrived during Tropical Storm Floyd - just before Dulles Airport closed. After a couple of days in Washington (top location to visit: the food court at Union Station!) we tried to move on to Princeton, but by now railroad was also shut down and we had to take a overnight Bus to New York Port Authority terminal, and then get the train back down south to Princeton Junction which was almost surrounded by floods. We had a good (if wet) time in DC, going on the Old Town Trolley Tour (the Trolley seats were soaking and the water swooshed from side to side each time the coach turned a corner), and stopping off at the Lincoln Memorial (to inspect his bunions) and the Vietnam War Memorial.

The Old Town Trolley Tour On the Old Town Trolley Tour ("This is the Belgian Embassy; This is the Mexican Embassy; This is the British Embassy; This is the French Embassy..."
View from the Lincoln Memorial (we went to inspect his bunions) to the Washington memorial.
The Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial
Inside the Lincoln Memoria The Gettysburg Address. Rather too large to fit on any normal sized envelope.
The Vietnam Memorial in the distance
The Vietnam Memorial
The Vietnam Memorial The Vietnam Memorial. Stunning.
The Vietnam Memorial
The Vietnam Memorial



8 Jun 2003.
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