This was the most beautiful day we had on Orkney. Fantastic blue skies (though still Windy). We visited Orkney, location of the earls' Bu and the Viking Centre.

Half a boat, half a boat, half a boat onward...

Jan Fergus, Buster Wyman, Cindy Byrne, Nancy Tague and myself (Marta Farensbach took the photo.

Nancy Tague points the way to the Westmann Islands (well, the farmhouse opposite, actually) as Marta and Jan lead the rowing (that's rowing to rhyme with hoeing, and not rowing to rhyme with cowing). Yonder lies...
Site of the Earls' Bu
Site of the Earls' Bu
The visible remains of the Bu.

No trees
No trees on Orkney...

Bluebells in JuneBluebells

Created 15 June 2001.
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