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It is thought that old Earl's Palace (i.e. Thorfinn's) Palace is on the right hand map where the word "Settlement" appears, but this is disputed.

The 'New' Earl's Palace is on the right hand map where the words "Earl's Palace" appears. It was built at a later date, but may be built on top of Thorfinn's Palace.

This is a shot of the causeway across to the Brough of Birsay. This is covered at high tide. The dot you can see at the top of the hill is the top of the lighthouse. The settlement (the ancient palace) is just at the far end of the causeway.

The white signpost was the location of an interesting little ritual: while we were sat in the car out of the rain, a couple turned up with a collection of soft toys, posed them around the base of the signpost, and took photos of them. On enquiry, the confessed that they always takes these soft toys on holiday with them, and have photos of them in various sites all over the world.

The 'Settlement' on the Brough of Birsay, looking back towards Birsday village and the carpark. You can see the causeway on the right hand side.

The three people in the foreground are (from L to R) Nancy Tague, Marta Farensbach and Bill Marshall.

Bill MarshallMarta FarensbachNancy Tague
This the Birsay Stone. To be precise, it's a cast copy of the Birsay Stone. The major design appears to be a curved brooch, with a pin driving through it from top left to bottom right. It stands in the settlement on the Brough of Birsay.
Looking from the Brough of Birsay, over towards Marwick Head.
The 'new' Earl's Palace from the Brough of Birsay.
The sign at the 'New' Earl's Palace, built after Lymond's time (or maybe during his middle years!)
The Earl's Palace at Birsay. Ah, the delights of a mid-afternoon in early June in Orkney! Even the daisies were closing. Only 8 hours to Sunset!
Bill Marshall, Buster Wyman and Marta Farensbach at the Earl's Palace. Buster is declaiming.
Bill MarshallBuster WymanMarta Farensbach
Daises on a Midsummer's Afternoon

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