Birgu - Galley Creek
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This is Galley Creek (now Dockyard Creek) seen from the lower parts of Ft St Angelo. The Dome of St Lawrence can be seen on the left, and the Dome of the main church of Senglea (St Michael?), formerly L'Isla, can be seen on the right. .
Creek from Ft St Angelo
Creek from the head

Looking from the head of Galley Creek towards Ft St Angelo.

Looking from the head of Galley Creek towards Ft St Angelo (which is just off picture to the left). You can see the scope for building a marina here. The tower just to the left of the pink dome is the tower of St Lawrence's church.

Birgu from the Creekside
Galley in the creek

A sailing ship motoring up Galley Creek. This picture is taken from Ft St Angelo looking over towards Senglea.

The Customs House, Birgu, filmed from the quayside at Senglea in the setting sun. This building (currently unused) is planned to be converted into a Casino.

Custons House, Birgu
Ft St Angelo from Senglea
The rear of Ft St Angelo, filmed from the quayside at Senglea. You can clearly see the viaduct from Birgu to St Angelo which did not exist in Lymond's time, and which is being demolished (the right hand end has already gone). In front of the viaduct is a low bridge over the entrance to the canal.
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