The Jerusalemkerk Calvary Altar

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This is the Calvary Altar of the Jerusalemkerk (Jerusalem Church) in Bruges, Belgium. The church was built in the 15th Century as a private chapel for the wealthy and powerful Adorne family. Several members of the Adorne family went on pilgrimage to Jerusalem and Sinai.

The whole church is intended to be a representation of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. I gather that it's not very accurate.

The church is not very long, and has no formal aisles or transepts. It is very high for its length, and is built on two levels. The Calvary altar is on the main (ground) level of the Church. Behind it is a crypt representing Christ's tomb.

Above the crypt and behind the Altar is another chapel (visible in the photo behind the large wooden crosses) which is closed to visitors and contains another altar. This is reached by staircases to the left and right of the Calvary altar.

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Updated 05 Aug 2001
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