The Jerusalemkerk
Family church of the Adornes

"The family Adorne had nearly two hundred years of regional power in Flanders since they came from Italy to settle with the Count of the day, who had married the daughter of a King of Scotland. A long, long sequence of Adornes, with their well-bred faces and quizzical eyebrows and fair, curling hair, had served the town of Bruges, and the Dukes of Flanders, in that order."
Niccolo Rising, Chapter 2

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This church contains the tomb containing Margriet Adorne, and the heart of Anselm Adorne (his body is buried in St Michael's church in Linlithgow). The design of the church is based (rather inaccurately) on that of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem - hence the name. The Altarpiece, made of carved stone blocks, is based on the objects of Calvary, and three crosses rise above it: Christ's cross in the centre, and the cross of the good and bad robber to the sides.
The outside of the church also looks unusual - rather like a post-modern mini skyscraper.
Jerusalemkerk, with Adorne House to the right
Altar in Top Chapel
This is a picture of the upstairs altar from the Chapel which is situation above the crypt area and behind the large wooden crosses.
Behind the main altar is a replica of Christ's tomb
Tomb in rear chapel
Anselm Adorne's memorial window
The memorial window to Anselm Adorne. Around the central shield hangs the chain of the order of the Unicorn, with the Unicorn itself hanging at the very bottom.
Close-up of the Unicorn

You can see pictures (by Ann McMillan) of the Tomb of Anselm & Margriet Adorne at the Bill Marshall's website Bruges Page.

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