The Gruuthuuse

The Gruuthuuse was the location of the Wedding Night Surprise The Gruuthuuse - Link to external site
Gruuthuuse Kitchen This is the kitchen in the Gruuthuuse. I don't think it's directly referenced in the House of Niccolo series, but I'm sure it's probably the model for the scene set in the kitchen of the Bladelin House in Niccolo Rising.
A view of the Gruuthuuse from the rear. Note the loggia (balcony) that you can see on the left hand side, with its own roof Gruuthuuse Balcony
View from Balcony - Left The view from Gruuthuuse loggia, looking left.
The view from the Gruuthuuse loggia, looking right to the church View from Balcony - Right
Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk The Gruuthuuse Church (Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk - Our Lady's Church)

Updated 09 Aug 2003
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