Cast Members

NB. Green = confirmed, Red = Vacant, Orange means I'm waiting to hear from you:

Role Actor Notes
Admin Support Jackie Meeks,  
Adoring Maid 1 (Mime) Judith Hayman  
Adoring Maid 2 (Mime)    
Adorne John Gleason  
Anna Cheryl Grothaus  
All The entire cast
Audience The audience, who will join in!
Butterfly Wrangler Olva Stewart Pharo  
CD Controller Gayelynn Oyler  
DeSlime Cleo Kearns  
FFJ Simon Hedges  
Gelis Jenifer Gile  
Godscalc Cathy Brown  
Godscalc's Bannerman Ruth Barnett  
Goro Liz Ignatuk  
GSOTA During Onward Christian Soldiers, the audience is divided into two. GSOTA is Godscalc's side of the audience, who support Gosdcalc
Julius Dan DeMatteis  
Jury (all) The entire Jury (Jury01 to Jury15)
Jury (odd) Jury01, Jury03, Jury05, Jury07, Jury09, Jury11, Jury13, Jury15
Jury (even) Jury02, Jury 04, Jury06, Jury08, Jury10, Jury12, Jury14
Jury01 (Foreman) Jerry Thies  
Jury02 Pat Barker  
Jury03 Beth Rambo Cheryl playing Anna at Philly
Jury04 Bibiana Behrendt  
Jury05 Nancy Wyman  
Jury06 Carol DeMatteis  
Jury07 Ruth Barnett  
Jury08 Barbara Hoffman  
Jury09 Jo Kirkham  
Jury10 Olive Millward  
Jury11 Philippa Gile  
Jury12 Marta Farensbach  
Jury14 Nancy Wright  
Jury 15 Judith Hayman  
Katelina (Mime) Philippa Gile  
Kathi Mickey Thies  
Ludo Allyn Brodsky  
Ludo's Bannerman Olva Stewart Pharo  
LSOTA During Onward Christian Soldiers, the audience is divided into two. LSOTA is Ludo's side of the audience, who support Ludo.
Marian (Speech & Mime) Christine Mack Gordon  
Naxettes Nax1: Violante, Nax2 Viennetta, Nax3: Viagra
Nax1: Violante Sandra Speiden  
Nax2: Viennetta Jane DeHart  
Nax3: Viagra Tina Dallas  
Niccie Chris Kearns  
Nicholas (Mime) Marta Farensbach  
Admin Support Jackie Meeks  
Simon (Mime) Olive Millward  
Sophie Glee Harrah Cady  
TGWTWL Cindy Byrne  
Ushers Usher1, Usher2, Usher3
Usher1 Beth Rambo  
Usher2 Olive Millward  
Usher3 Nancy Wright  
Videographer 1 Sue Cone  
Videographer 2 SueWolstenholme  

Video US: Sue Cone (equipment & operator)
Version 5.0 - Amend for Philly
Version 5.1 - Removed Edinburgh information
Version 5.2 - Changed oranges to green when castings have been concerned
Version 5.4 - More castings
Version 5.5 - More castings. Fixing Dan's surname
Version 5.6 - Turn Gayelynn green