Note E402

Gelis, Aged 18

Gelis is one of my favourite characters in House of Niccolo. To some degree she represents everyman in the series: charmed at first with Nicholas, then becoming distrustful (though few of us go as far in this as she does!), and then coming around in the end.

I wanted to have Gelis testify both against AND for Nicholas. And I was extremely lucky to have Jenifer Gile to play the role: Jenifer could act as well as sing, and looked the part too.

There have long been discussions about how to pronounce Gelis's name, myself I am a devotee of the 'Flemish G' school of thought, but I thought it would be fun for people to introduce her by pronouncing her name in three different ways. The 'ushers' was another bonus for the Courtroom Scenario. From her looks, Jenifer could have been playing Gelis or Primaflora or several other people. And of course, many people looked nothing like their character is described in the books. Just being able to have the Ushers yell out 'Call Gelis Van Borselen' or 'Call Astorre' or 'Call Marian de Charetty', was a good way of telling the audience exactly who the characters were, without the need for lots of dialogue.

The 'mime' characters for 'Scotsman' were also introduced in a simlar way.

Updated 06 Jan 2002
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