Note E006

A Round Silver Orchestra and an Electronic Net

Originally, we had hoped to provide live accompaniment. A call was put out on the Dunnetwork and Marzipan Email lists for any possibly Orchestra members. The only response that I can recall receiving was from Jenny Smith (who, in the event, played Sophie) offering to bring her tuba. We concluded that this was not really enough of a variety of musical instruments.

I even considered offering to pay for a friend of mine to have a weekend in Edinburgh provided that he acted as accompanist. However, in September 2000 Cindy and I visited her sister Marybeth and brother-in-law Peter in California. Peter had some synthesiser shareware - Noteworthy - on his PC. This was cheap (about $35) and relatively easy to use. Cindy and I bought a copy each. We then imported standard midi files from the songs into it (though Cindy typed 'Both Sides Now' in, note by note). We then cut, extended, arranged and generally fiddled with the music and I recorded it onto CD. The music files were made available over the net, and I sent out CDs to all cast members. A draft version and a final version (and a few other 'special' versions in between or after the 'final' version to some cast members) were sent to everyone. Fortunately between me cutting my first CD, the cost of individual blank CDs reduced from about £2.50 to about 70p. Also, Marc Line donated 50 CDs.

Updated 06 Jan 2002
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