Note E004

Exit Left with Mask and Wig

The play was written to minimise the number of entrances and exits: we didn't know quite what the stage would be like, entrances and exits take time and rehearsal. One of the reasons for choosing a courtroom setup was that it was very static, required no scene changes, and most of the cast could be 'discovered' on stage. I can't remember who suggested masks, but it was a damn good idea. Most of the masks were provided by Nancy Wyman. The masks for Goro, Julius and DeSlime were bought in Venice in March 2000.

The Judges' wigs were brought by Cindy Byrne from Dublin. It was intended that both Slime and Goro would be bewigged. However, the judge's wig for FFJ (value £1000) hired for occasion by heather Fletcher turned up a day late. This meant that Goro was wigless and, in the event, emphasised the collusion between Slime and FFJ as both were bewigged. As for the 'official' Judge's wig - we refused to pay the hire fee!

Updated 06 Jan 2002
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