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This page contains Edinburgh Specific Nikado Information. Do NOT use this page, or its links, for any information relating to the Philidelphia Nikado.

WebScript Roles/Cast Rehearsals

Song Title (& links to Webscript)
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Roles Time Notes
01. Overture
02. I'd Like To Teach The World To Trade
TGWTL, Jury 1:41  
03. We All Swear To Do Our Duty
Jury 1:10  
04. I've Got A Little List
DeSlime, Jury 1:40  
05. A Scotsman Came To The Town of Bruges
Gelis, Jury 3:30

Mime: Katelina, Simon, Nicholas, Adoring Maid1, Adoring Maid2, Marian

06. He's My Good Friend Niccolo
Kathi 1:08  
07. From Both Sides Now (Marian)
Marian 0:23  
08. I'd Do Anything
Niccie, Sophie, FFJ 1:26  
09. Smooth the Silken Knee
Julius, Anna 1:47  
10. Onward Nicco's Soldiers
Godscalc, Ludo, Audience 0:51 Banners held by Godscalc's bannerman and Ludo's bannerman. Length is for 1 verse.
11. I am the Very Model of a Mercen'ry Condottiere
Astorre, Jury 2:28  
12. Three Little Maids of Naxos We
Nax1, Nax2, Nax3 1:44  
13. From Both Sides Now (Gelis)
Gelis 3:05  
14. I Have a Song to Sing-O
DeSlime, Goro, Jury 3:23  
15. Here's a How-De-Do
Jury 1:27  
16. Look What Lady Dunnett Has Done (done done)
All 0:54  

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