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Music for Macs

Unfortunately, there is no version of Noteworthy Player software available to run on Macs. I have requested that a Mac version be produced - but I think that this is unlikely to happen before the Operetta is produced! However the vast majority of Macs can play the industry standard Midi files

For most Macs all you have to do is click on one of the Midi links on the previous page. If you right-click then you can download the file onto your Mac and listen to it there.

Some people have reported being unable to hear Midi music on their Macs, and being advised by Netscape that Macs have no default player for Midi files. Computer Music Monthly (a UK magazine) includes the following advice: "Old Macs won't be able to handle Audio, but most are OK for Midi" and "Apple QuickTime means no extra hardware is needed as all the sounds come from a soundset within the Mac". So, try using Apple QuickTime Player. If it isn't already installed on your Mac, then try downloading the MacOS version from here. Note that QuickTime Player is a big program so may take some time to download (you need choose only the basic version). I have downloaded the PC version of QuickTime player and have successfully played Midi Files on it.








Noteworthy Composer

Cindy and I have used Noteworthy Composer to create the music files for The Nikado. It can import and export Midi files, and so can allow you access to much music stored on the net. Midi files are much smaller than those used by .wav files or mp3 files, and so can be very handy. The link to the main Noteworthy site is here. You can download an evaluation copy of Noteworthy Composer by clicking here.

The evaluation copy of Noteworthy Composer has some limitations:

  • It cannot be used on Windows 3.x or Macs.
  • The licence period lasts for 30 days (though you are not locked out of the program after this point)
  • Any file that you can create can be saved only 9 times (you can try to prolong this by creating a new file, and copying staves out of the old one into the new one, one at a time)
  • Some minor features are disabled.
  • When you print music, an order form will automatically be printed first.
  • Files that you create cannot be played using Noteworthy Player.
  • If you open up a file created by a registered version of Noteworthy (e.g. any Nikado Noteworthy file) and amend it, you cannot save any amendment.

It costs USD39 (about UKP25) to buy a fully licensed copy of Noteworthy Composer. Click here to do so.