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Cast and Honorary Naxette

Women with a Purpose
"Just tell me, Simon, I can't understand - why did you do it? Again"
But for them the Maiden felt no whim

We then will share...
We know the pris'ner's innocent and good and true
But if we say he's not guilty, then our debts fall due

My name'th Kathi,
What'th YOURTH?

The Musical Director and Glamorous Assistant (with green folder)!
I've got a little list
A marriage grown so grim

It is my sad sad duty
We All Swear To Do Our Duty
With the aid of dye..


Weep not - dearest Mama (rehearsal)
For Nicholas is my true heir,you see
A bigwig for the Scots, and that's my legacee
Man with Bible
Man with Chicken Leg


To defeat the Sultan,
Whom we all abhor

The Venue (view from Stage)
Viagra is unusually shy during rehearsals


The Defence Rests!

Thanks to Olive Millward, Tina Dallas and others for these photos