Y'All Spit
Friday November 14th to Sunday November 16th
The Maison DuPuy Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

A Gathering of Dorothy Dunnett Readers from across the world.

This timetable is a work in progress - it is not finalised yet, and will continue to be updated.

Pre-Spit Activities
Day Time Activity
Thursday 13th No time specified Nancy Wyman is leading a Buffy The Vampire Slayer Session. Details yet to be determined.
1:30pm Olive Millward is organising a trip to see the Egyptian Exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Meet out side the museum at 1.30pm for entrance at 2pm.
6:00pm Mickey Thies is organising dinner at Ralph and Kacoo's, it is on the same street as the Spit hotel and only five blocks away, so walking will be fine. They cater to groups, is listed as moderate in price, and the menu is varied for all tastes. We could stop on Bourbon street going home, since we pass both ways. You will need to join the Y'All Spit list and contact Mickey there in order to book a place.

Official Y'All Spit
Day Time Activity
Friday 14th 10:00am Laura Plantation Tour. Assemble at the hotel at 10:00am. We will go upriver to Vachrie, LA, the site of Laura, a Creole Plantation built in 1805. The current owners had only a little knowledge of the plantation's history. With a lot of research, tons of sweat, and amazing luck, they have returned it to a beautiful state, complete with family and slave histories, papers and artifacts. They will share this wonderful journey with us, we will tour the house and grounds, and have lunch in the shade of huge live oaks on the banks of the mighty Mississippi. If you are expecting the same old antebellum, white columned tour, get ready for a wonderful surprise!
4:30-6:00pm Registration. There will be a Registration Table set up outside the Meeting Room where the talks will be on Sat. and Sun. There will be name tags, schedules, T-shirts maps etc. for all.
7:00-8:30pm The New Orleans School of Cookery will teach, feed and entertain us. You will come away happy in mouth, mind and stomach, with plenty of time for French Quarter and/or DD night life.
There will be an informal Buffyverse get-together (Stake Out) after the meal, back at the Maison DuPuy. Beth Rambo will have details.

Saturday 15th

9:00am* First talk by our star speaker Elspeth Morrison. Elspeth is the author of the Dorothy Dunnett Companions, and compiler of The Lymond Poetry. Elspeth worked particularly closely with Dorothy Dunnett on Companion II and is a lively, entertaining and very knowledgable speaker.
10:15am* Coffee
11:00am* Musica da Camera will fill our ears and hearts with music from the eras of LC and HoN, performed on reproduction period instruments. Many of "our" DD songs are already in their repertoire, and their fall program also includes some. These folks are not only incredible musicians, but bright and informed scholars. We are in for a treat!
12:45pm Lunch in the Meeting Room
2:30pm-3:45pm* In the post lunch zizz sessions, Simon Hedges will be talking (and possibly doing other things) mainly on the character of Austin Grey, whom Dorothy Dunnett described once as "the only decent chap in the books". Simon has yet to decide on a title for the session, but is toying with 'The Tragedie of Austin Grey" and "The Importance of Being Austin" and "Austin Grey, My Part in His Downfall", "The Austin Grey Story". Snorers will be escorted from the premises.

New Orleans is famous for its Jazz, and you can experience it for yourself at the Palm Court Jazz session.

Sunday 16th 9:30* Second talk by Elspeth Morrison
Noon Farewell Brunch at the Royal Sonesta

*Asterisked items are core Spit events: you need to have paid your registration fee to attend. All other items are open to DDNRS (Dorothy Dunnett Non Readers' Society - i.e. friends and relations of attendees) - in some cases upon payment of a fee (esp. meals)

Post-Spit Activities
Day Time Activity
Sunday 16th 3:00pm entry Trip to the Egyptian Exhibit at New Orleans Museum of Art, organised by Olive Millward.
6:00pm Mickey's meal at Dominiques
Monday 17th 9:30am

No formal plans for today, but some people will be getting together to watch Lord of the Rings DVD: the official release date for the Extended Edition of The Two Towers is 18th November, so it may just be available. Venue to be announced, but it won't be the Maison DuPuy.

Costs:Y'All Spit Registration - $130.00
Visit to Laura Plantation, to include lunch and bus - $40.00
New Orleans School of Cookery, to include demonstration etc, dinner and choice of cookbook or apron - $27.00 (or $19.00 if you don't want the book/apron)
Visit to Palm Court Jazz Cafe, to include dinner - $50.00
Sunday Brunch, probably at Royal Sonesta Hotel in the Quarter which has a huge and very good eat all you want champagne and jazz buffet brunch - Around $30.00 to $35.00.

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