Dublin Airport - Car Hire Desks
This is the car hire desk in Dublin airport. It's on the right hand side of the main exit doors as you face them, when leaving the baggage handling hall. If you carry on further to the right, you'll come to the bar.

Dublin Airport - Green Room

Beyond the car hire desk is another exit, and then the 'Green Room' which is a bar. Sorry for the appalling quality of the photo!

This a place where you might find it relatively easy to sit and have a drink if you're waiting to meet other people.

Woodland Court Hotel
This is the Woodland Court Hotel

Local Shops
These are the nearest shops to the Hotel, about half a mile away and a few stops by bus.

Bray Harbour
Bray Harbour. This is at the far north of Bray Promenade.

Bray Promenade
This is the Bray promenade looking south to Bray Head. The white building ahead and to the right is the Barracuda Restaurant, and the Martello is a few hundred metres further on to the right (not in shot).


The Martello
This is the Martello, where the pre-Spit meal will be held on Thursday 15th at 7:30pm. We should be in the conservatory. The hotel is to the south of the Bray promenade, and faces directly onto the sea.


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