Following on from the O'Spit in Dublin, 2001; and the Y'All Spit in New Orleans, 2003; comes

Where will we stay?

The Hotel Meridien Phoenicia

We have signed a contract with the Hotel Meridien Phoenicia. This hotel is the only 5 Star hotel in the Valletta area, and is much in demand. It was built in the 1930s and reflects this in its chandeliered dining room, palm court lounge, and feeling of gracious living. On the downside, the rooms will not be as big as would be expected in a modern hotel.

The hotel will be hosting the meetings that take place during the Siege. It will be the pick up and drop off point for the coaches. The Welcome Meal will also be held there - by the pool, overlooking the Marsaxett (DK: Marsamuscetto) Harbour, in the lee of the walls of Valletta.

You can choose to stay in the Hotel, or to stay elsewhere and visit the hotel. If you stay in this hotel, then your delegate rate will be reduced somewhat.

Staying There

We have reserved a block of 40 rooms at the Phoenicia. We will need to pay a deposit on these rooms in Jan 2005. In order to avoid losing money, we will be encouraging people to register for te Siege in Jan 2005, and pay a deposit to hold the room.

There is nothing to stop you booking after this point, but the room rate negotiated for the Siege may not be available.

Other than the initial deposit, you will be responsible for settling your own bills.

Shoulder Days

If you stay at the Phoenicia before or after the Siege, you will be able to extend your booking at the same rate available for the Siege.

Looking out from the main entrance of the Phoenicia
Looking at the Phoenicia from the Main Gate of Valletta
The Car Park!
Flags outside the Meridien Phoenicia
Entrance to the Gardens of the Meridien Phoenicia


Created 13th September 2004.
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