Dunnett Days

Throughout the year, Dunnett Days are held around the UK and overseas.

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If you are running a Dunnett Day (aka Spit or Revel) anywhere in the world, and you wish to have the details posted here,
please contact me by clicking here

2006 - Makars' Court Year

Essex Away Day Saturday 25th March 2006
Denise Gannon and LInda Butcher are arranging another day in London.  There will be a visit to the new Medieval Gallery at The Museum of London, with a trip around the Globe Theatre in the afternoon.  A meal at a restaurant in Leicester Square will conclude the day. For more details contact denise.gannon@ddra.org

Scotland DDRA Weekend - Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd April 2006
The DDRA's annual weekend in Edinburgh. This includes the unveiling of the memorial Stone to Dorothy Dunnett at the Makars' Court, and a trip to Traquair House on the Sunday. Contact Olive Milward

Darmstadt Day - Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th July 2006
Contact Sylvia Unger at Seunger@t-online.de


Oxford Dunnett Day Saturday 16th September 2006
Wolfson College, Oxford. Alexandra Walsham, Professor of Reformation History at Exeter University will speak on
"Destiny in the Stars: Astrology in Early Modern Europe". There will also be other Dunnett related activities. For further information and booking forms contact Olive Milward


Bath 2006 Gathering - Saturday 7th October
For more information please contact Betty Cooper at betty.cooper@ddra.org

2005 - The Year of the Siege

The Dunnett Siege of Malta

October 2005


Essex Day

Saturday 22nd May 2004
DD-Mini Gathering,
Sydney, Australia
Saturday 17th January, 2004. See the DD-Mini Gathering page.
Rye, and the tower of St Mary's Church Confraternity of Francis & Niccolo
Mermaid Inn,
Rye, England
Saturday 16th October 2004
There will be expeditions on the Friday before and the Sunday afterwards. The Sunday journey will probably be to Niccolo's Bruges.

New Orleans (click for Y'All Spit Details) Y'allSpit
New Orleans, USA
14-16 November 2003
Dates are Fri 14 Nov 2003 to Sun 16 Nov 2003, with possible Buffy and Lord of the Rings additional days before and after. Join the Y'all email Spit List and find out what's going on by going here. The main speaker will be Elspeth Morrison - author of the Dorothy Dunnett Companions I and II. A web page with some of the details can be found here.
Oxford (click for Xofrd Day Details)

Oxford Day 2003
Oxford, England
Saturday 27th September 2003

Speakers on the Mediaeval Islamic view of the West, and the Dunnett Audio Books. More details here
Seattle Seattle Spit Pacific Northwest Dunnett folk will be meeting in Seattle at noon on Sunday, June 8th, at the Uptown Espresso at 525 Queen Anne Ave North, just south of Mercer Street.
The National Gallery and St Martin in the Fields (click for Essex Day Details)

Essex Day (in London!)
London, England
Museum of London & National Gallery
Sat 21 June 2003

More details here
Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh, Scotland
Sat Apr 26th 2003 (£27.00)
Sun Apr 27th (30.00)

The 3rd AGM of the Dorothy Dunnett Readers' Association.
Rye, and the tower of St Mary's Church

Confraternity of Francis & Niccolo
Mermaid Inn,
Rye, England
Saturday 1st March 2003

Details here

Oxford Day, (updated 15 Jun 2002)
Wolfson College, Oxford,
Sat 12 Oct 2002
Contact Olive Millward. This year's day will have a chess theme. The cost includes morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea. Cost is £26. Last date for booking is 26 Sep 2002.
Darmstadt Dunnett Dag (updated 14 Apr 2002)
August 10/11 2002

Anyone who wants to attend please contact Slyvia Hotz : Sylvia Hotz

Edinburgh AGM
Sat 20 - Sun 21 Apr 2002

The 2nd AGM of the Dorothy Dunnett Readers' Association.
King's Lynn Gathering
Sat 6 Apr 2002
Thoresby College, Sat 6 Apr 2002, 10am-5pm
Melbourne Revel
Sat 16 Mar - Sun 17 Mar 2002
Itinerary and photos (updated on 14 Apr 2002) are now here .

Bray, Dublin,
Fri 16 Nov- Sun 18 Nov 2001
Visits to Tara & Newgrange, Literary Pub Crawl, talks on Thorfinn, Austin, Yeats & Dunnett, Playing Lymopoly, Video of Orkney & Malta
NYC Spit
Saturday October 27, 2pm
Spit at NYC.

Oxford Day 2001
Sat 13 Oct 2001
Wolfson College, Oxford

A full day, with speakers on the Reformation in England, and the Duke of Hamilton's Sarcophagi

Essex Day 2001
Sat 28 Jul 2001

Click on the link for details

Carlisle Day 2001
Sat 12 May 2001

Click on the link for details
Darmstadt 2001
Tue 1st May 2001
A Meeting of Dunnett Readers in Germany
Sat 21- Sun 22 Apr 2001
The 1st AGM of the new Dorothy Dunnett Readers' Association was held in Edinburgh in April 2001. The link is to the James Thin page where you can read Bill Marshall's report on the weekend, including a surprise appearance by DD

York Day
Sat 7 Apr 2001
St William's College, York

Rye Day
Fri-Sun Feb 2001

The day included a talk on dowsing and related issues, followed by a demonstration. A talk was given on Mediaeval Banquets. Friday and Saturday events were located in Rye, but on Sunday a day trip to Bruges was taken. Many thanks to Jo Kirkham who, as always, organised the Rye Day.


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