Books of Dorothy Dunnett


The Meeting is being held on at 9am, 17th Jan 2004 at the Society of Australian Genealogists in Sydney. The Meeting room is located at the Rocks end of Kent Street and is quite a historic building and of course the Rocks is history.


The registration fee for the day has been set at a very modest $22.00 per person.


Lunch would be at each person's own cost. A restaurant dinner will be booked for those who want to make a full day/evening of it.


The main contact is Michael Sedin, and he is happy to put together some accommodation options for out of towners and international visitors. International visitors would be particularly welcome:  as well as being the height of the Australian Summer, the whole of January is The Festival of Sydney - a month of cultural and social activities.


Please send Michael an email to express interest, and he will send you a registration form in mid-September.




Time Event
9.00 am Arrival, Registration, Meet Greet & Mingle, Viewing of  Photograph wall of DD and delegates DD-related travels.
9.25 am Welcome
9.30 am Epic Journeys of  Niccolo and Lymond,  Alison Coates
10.00 am  

15th & 16th Century Jewellery, Valerie Sedin

10.30 am “Intertextuality” in the Lymond Chronicles – How`DD uses the words and works of other authors,  Jennifer Newton
11.00 am Morning Tea/Coffee Break
11.30 am 15th & 16th Century Music,  Ros Hutchison
12.00 Costumes from the period of “King Hereafter”,  Nan Masters
12.45 pm  Quiz:  “Big Bangs” – Gunpowder & Cannons from LC & HoN       Compiled by Michael Sedin
 1.00 pm  Lunch - Lord Nelson Pub at own cost
  2.15 pm Swords & Other Weapons from LC & HoN & KH,  Speaker tbc
3.00 pm Stars in Your Eyes! How DD made use of Astrology,  speaker tbc
3.30 pm Genealogy – how it links the HoN to the LC,  followed by a tour of the Overseas Holdings Library of  the Society of Australian Genealogists,   Michael Sedin
4.00 pm Close and adjourn to Café for Afternoon Tea/Coffee and play Lymopoly.
6.00 pm Dinner and DD reminiscing