Rye 2003 Dunnett Day

Saturday 1 March 2003

On Saturday morning, we will gather in the Tudor Room at the Mermaid Inn from 9.45 am for coffee and welcome.

The morning will be taken up with discussions and a demonstration/talk.

12.15 - 1.00pm we will break - for the Mermaid staff to get ready for our lunch - (it is difficult to have formal talks whilst the tables are being prepared etc.). Those who wish can stay and chat - or, if you prefer, you can go the few steps into the town - up the Street to look at the Church, the Rye Castle or just the shops (nine shops which sell books!), or down the Street to the Heritage Centre, Be back for lunch in the Tudor Room at 1pm.

At 2 pm, the afternoon session will begin with a lecture and then more discussions about Dorothy's books - Please bring your sheet of 'Favourite Dorothy Similes, Metaphors or One-liners' for this.

The afternoon will finish after a cup of tea at about 5 pm. Have you any questions - still unsolved - about the books? If so bring them to ask - hopefully someone will know the answer! Please do bring any photographs of places in the books, or anything of interest for others to see. Can I suggest you wear your Dunnett badge - to help new members to recognise you!!