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The Melbourne Revel
16-17 March 2002
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The Melbourne Revel was held over the weekend on 16-17 March 2002.

Group Photo
The Important of Being Francis
Group Photo
 The Important of Being Francis

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The programme was as follows:

Saturday 16 March 2002
The Ultimate Casting Game
An all Australian New Zealand cast to portray the main characters from the Lymond and Niccolo series.
Pull out your old TV weeks, video guides and award winning movie posters, and let's put together an all time cast that will stun the international Dunnett world. :-) Come prepared to support your choices with photographic evidence.
Videos of the Nikado and
Dorothy's Philadelphia Speech
Play the Game - Suffer the Trauma!
The game that is taking the Dunnett world by storm :-) Simon Hedges' acclaimed board game based on the world famous Lymond Chronicles.

If you want to retain your competitive edge you had better read the series one more time!!!!!!!!!
Read the rules here

The Importance of Being Francis
A Trivial Comedy for Seriously Dunnett-Addicted People. This will be an impromptu and very amateur performance of the above named play by Tina 'Wilde Thing' Dallas.
Why not volunteer to be in the inaugural Australian/ New Zealand Cast?????
Movie and Dinner
and Dinner

Sunday 17 March 2002 - St Patrick's Day
St Patrick's Day activities and Celebrations around the City of Melbourne

Organised by
Liz Corbett or Jenny Lee
We look forward to hearing from you soon

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